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IDGod is a website that has been creating fake IDs since 1994, and is the only real novelty ID provider. The site is known for providing quality and secure fake IDs, and offers a range of customizable templates or a make-it-yourself option. IDGod ensures that their fake IDs have all the necessary security features to pass backlight tests and working holograms. Customers can conveniently order and pay for their fake IDs through a variety of payment platforms, and have them delivered anonymously to any address in the country. IDGod is the go-to platform for anyone looking to purchase a fake ID

IdGod Offer

IDGod provides excellent fake ID designs and production services. Their IDs are made with high-quality printing materials and have advanced security features that pass all available tests. Additionally, their competitive pricing makes their services more accessible to customers. The website is efficient and fast in delivering orders to clients. The fake IDs are scannable, come with a free tracking number, a duplicate in case of loss, and can pass actual security tests. This allows customers to use their fake IDs for everyday activities with ease. IDGod's fake IDs can help customers in difficult situations, and their superior quality ensures they can pass backlight tests.

How we do It

IDGod's approach to creating and designing fake IDs is focused on simplicity and speed. To begin the process, they request a quality digital photo of the ID owner, preferably taken against a solid-colored wall or suitable backdrop, with the person wearing darker clothes to create contrast. It's important for the person to have a clean face and neat hair before taking the photo, which should be passport-sized for ease of transfer onto the fake ID. If ordering for multiple individuals, each person should follow the same procedure. IDGod is responsible for designing the ID, choosing the materials, and incorporating security features. Once everything is prepared, they design, create, and print the fake ID, package it, and ship it to the specified destination.

How to Pay

IDGod prioritizes anonymity for their customers, especially since they provide fake IDs. They offer payment options that are untraceable to ensure the security of both the clients and the company. However, they may require additional information from the customer to create the fake ID. This information is kept safe, confidential, and private by IDGod. Payment options available to customers include mail cash, bitcoin, litecoin, bitcoin cash, and PayPal. IDGod's fake IDs are of high quality and reasonably priced, providing good value for the money spent. Customers can check the products page on the IDGod website for any special offers.

How Fake Ids Look

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