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About IDGod Fake IDs

Who are we?

IDGOD.ph is a famous fake id website to improve a young person’s life when going through school or after school. The website designs and sells fake id to college students or any other individual requiring a phony id to access certain services. As a top-ranking fake id website in the US, the fake id website provides young people with a chance to experience life in fresh and exciting ways. Remember that idgod.ph is the real fake id seller.

What do we provide?

We provide young people with quality and superior fake ids. These are accessible through the fake id website. The website asks potential customers to follow simple steps to fill in an order form. Within a few short minutes, you can have your order ready, and processing starts. Since the website provides up to date templates that match the current and legal identity cards, you never have to worry about being caught. However, the website encourages individuals to provide memorable details for their fake id cards. The aim is to ensure that you receive quality fake ids with information you can remember when you use them. IDGOD.ph avails cards from different states in the US. Each state has special features incorporated into its legal identity cards. The website keeps all these hidden and exposed security details up to date. It does not matter which state you hail from; IDGOD.ph has a matching duplicate identity card whenever you need it.

How we do it?

IDGOD.ph has a team of professionals specializing in design, computer usage, and specifically, id making equipment like scanners, holographic, encoding and decoding of data to and from a magnetic stripe much more. The professionals are organized into teams, each responsible for a specific function. If there is an updated format of an identity card, the design team takes it up and decodes all security details. The other teams pick up the further information and start a reproduction test. The process followed to recreate these updated formats can take anywhere from a day to weeks or months. However, the team aims at perfecting the id card to ensure they are similar to the legal ones. We invite professionals to tests and review the reproduced identity cards. These professionals match these cards and test them against the legal ones. Many prototypes often end up rejected and an order issued to restart the process. Once you place an ID card order, the professionals print one or two other cards to ensure that every feature incorporated matches the legal card. The aim is to ensure that we do not undermine the quality required by the client. Plus, it helps ensure fast delivery upon its request!

How do we deliver?

Once the manufacturing process is complete, it is time for delivery. We wrap the cards in secure transportation parcels depending on the order size. For security purposes, we do not use regular shipping boxes or envelopes. Ours are tailored to ensure anonymity. Instead, we use smart wrapping methods like jewelry boxes, phone boxes, and bracelet boxes, which do not scrutinize the border or with the delivery company. We deliver with cheap objects added to the package for further anonymity to add weight and further hide the whole package. The disguise protects the fake ids since TSA and other customs agents often open up boxes from different countries passing through their hands. Plus, we add more data and information on the package surface, describing what is inside to prevent the agents from opening it or getting suspicious. With that, your fake ids arrive on time.

Why us?

We are affordable IDGOD.ph fake ids come at an affordable price with different packages issued upon order garner discounts. The price is customer-friendly as we aim to ensure customer satisfaction and convenience are the quality of the id card and the amount incurred. The website is quite flexible in delivering the right orders after completing the order and payment forms. Wide range of services Not only do we provide student identity cards, but we also design driver’s licenses, employment or job-based identity cards, invitation, and many other types of cards. Each card carries relevant security features, the design matches the regular and legal ids, and the quality is the same. Therefore, each reproduction is a significant activity and something to behold!


IDGOD.ph provides secure and anonymous means of payment and delivery of fake identity cards. Anonymity ensures that your transactions and purchases remain private. Fast, secure and affordable delivery IDGOD.ph provides fast and secure means of delivering your fake id. The delivery process is easy and affordable. You can choose from the two available, including short or regular shipments. The difference is in the delivery time. Fast shipments take a few days to deliver, while standard shipments take around two weeks to have.

Buy from us!

IDGOD.ph will deliver low priced and affordable fake id cards that are duplicates of the legal issue id cards. You get a chance to enjoy life without the risk of the fake id getting confiscated or landing you in jail. Plus, IDGOD.ph is a verified phony id provider. With our platform, you do not have to worry about scams. However, you need to ensure that you use IDGOD.PH as your fake id provider. The process is fast and straightforward. All you need is a passport photo. Ensure it’s high resolution and clear. Follow the stipulated steps on the order form while taking the picture. Upload and enter any other information as requested. For more information or tips, read through our reviews to find the best state id to get. However, any state id will work best for you depending on your needs. The Frequently asked questions will offer more information on IDGOD.ph and the services provided.

Final word

There are many fake id websites out there. However, IDGOD.ph surpasses these sites by providing quality fake ids and ensuring the customer is satisfied with the entire process. The process entails the search for a fake id website, ordering to shipment, and delivery. Plus, the id cards are affordable, follow stealth shipping, and are of quality materials!

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